Can Kids Use Cbd Oil Safely?

What is CBD? Is CBD effective for an individual? What is CBD oil? Is CBD OilOil safe for children? What are some of the benefits of using No Cap Hemp Co THC Flower for children? What are the considerations for choosing CBD oil products? This article explains whether CBD oil is safe for kids’ usage.

CBD is a component extracted from the cannabis plant and medical marijuana. The short form of cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp-based plant. CBD has gained popularity and is available in the market in many forms, from chewing gummies to liquid CBD. The popularity increased, especially when claims rose that CBD help in treating certain health condition like pain reduction and inflammation, including some that occurred in kids. CBD is obtained without any specific prescription, and it cannot get you high since it doesn’t contain THC levels. Alternatively, CBD oil is used as a supplement and alternative for children suffering from attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

CBD Oil Basics

CBD oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. It is a chemical compound that has gained popularity in the recent past with health and medical claims. The molecular makeup of CBD-Infused Gummies is the same, either from hemp or marijuana. The differences between hemp-based CBD oil and marijuana-based CBD oil are the amount of resin they contain. Hemp contains low levels of resin, while marijuana has a high resin level as most CBD oil are found within the plant resin. parents should give children Isolate CBD, which is free from THC rather than the full-spectrum CBD oil.

Types Of CBD Oil

Children can use different types of CBD oil. But not all products are safe for kids’ consumption because of the compounds they contain. They include; full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD Oil

It is an oil rich in CBD, among other compounds such as THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. When consumed by an individual, it gives them an entourage effect because taking both CBD and THC is more effective. Children are not recommended to take full-spectrum CBD oil because of the composition of the compound and the potency level it contains. It can make a kid high. When consumed by adults, they obtain several beneficial effects. It is better for adults but not for kids.

Broad Spectrum CBD

This type of oil is moderate as it contains all the compounds in cannabis but no THC. Other compounds that can be added to this type of oil include terpenes like pinene and limonene and cannabinol. Kids are not recommended to use this type of oil as it results in an entourage effect.

CBD Isolate

This type of Buy CBD Oil is pure because it contains only CBD. The other compounds are eliminated during the extraction process. Of the three types of CBD oil, this is the best used by children because it has no side effects compared to the other two. When consumed by children, it does not make kids feel high. Also, the children cannot feel the entourage effect as it contains pure CBD.

CBD Oil And Epilepsy In Kids.

The only drug from CBD that can be prescribed is Epidiolex which helps manage epileptic conditions. Mostly, epilepsy is experienced during the early stages of life in children. According to Sekar & Pack (2019), CBD was used to manufacture epidiolex that helps counter epilepsy in children. There are two severe epilepsy that mainly occurs in children, and epidiolex, a drug that needs doctors’ prescription, can be used in managing such epileptic condition. The two rare epilepsies in children are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut. Agarwal et al. (2019) stated that not only does CBD treat epilepsy, but it has also been seen to be used by parents in helping in managing several conditions in children, such as hyperactivity and anxiety disorders in kids. Also, Fleury-Teixeira et al. (2019) explained that caregivers could use CBD oil for children experiencing autism spectrum conditions to try to reduce autistic symptoms before older age. Most of the health claims and benefits resulting from CBD oil are anecdotal as it has not been extensively tested and proved if they are effective and safe. Even with little research on CBD, parents are still giving their children CBD dosage while others are not.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Children?

The CBD products in the market are yet to be proved effective or safe for children. The Federal Drug Association has approved one product that can be used by kids older than one-year-old comfortably. Using CBD products on children is associated with some side effects. Some products with CBD oil in the market deliver unreliable amounts of CBD. Some do not provide independent verification of the active contents contained within the product. Also, CBD can be safe but can interact with children’s medications which are always metabolized in the liver. Aguirre-Velázquez (2017) explained that parents giving children CBD oil for sleep could be tolerant to the product resulting in worse sleep experiences and insomnia. Generally, CBD has been approved as safe for use. Adverse effects on children can result from the interaction of the kid\’s existing medications and CBD oil in the body.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

Pain Alleviation

CBD oil has been used in treating pain since age. It combines with the ECS and helps regulate body functions like appetite, sleep, and pain sensation. CBD oil in children can help reduce chronic pain by affecting the ECS receptor activities, interacting with the neurotransmitters, and reducing inflammation in a person. Kids suffering from anxiety disorder can use CBD oil to counter anxiety conditions.

Inflammatory Skin Conditions

CBD oil contains some anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid found on the skin of individuals. Children can use CBD oil on their skin for conditions such as acne, itchy skin, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Choosing CBD Oil Product

Parents should consider some aspects when purchasing CBD products for their children. Since different companies manufacture CBD oil, it is hard for parents to know which product is safe for their kids. Some of the aspects to consider are;

Label Instructions

Parents should look at the product\’s label before making the purchases. Look for the dosage and potency level on the product to know the amount the child will need.

Source Of Product

For the better health of a child, parents should buy CBD oil from hemp-based plants. Also, look if the product was grown on organic soils and is free from toxins and pesticides.

Third-Party Testing Lab Result

Quality CBD products should have undergone a lab test from a private laboratory. It should also contain a certificate of analysis from the lab that certified the product.


CBD oil has turned out to be an effective treatment for children suffering from some rare epilepsy types. The FDA has approved only one drug to help deal with seizures in kids but no other health condition. Many companies are known to manufacture CBD oil as it is regulated federally, making it hard to know which product is legitimate for a child’s use. Although CBD oil has little research on children, it is still being used by many parents. Before using CBD oil and CBD products, parents should seek doctors’ prescriptions to prevent further effects on children.


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